Herschel’s Dream 1793

For centuries astronomers believed there were planets outside our solar system. Only recently through advanced space technology have they been able to see extrasolar planets. This electro mechanical sculpture represents an imagined exoplanet dream by Astronomers William and Caroline Herschel.  The sculpture is based on 18th century mechanical models that describes the movement of our solar system. The sounds echoing in the background are an assemblage of  light wave sonifications from outer space.  Herschel’s Dream is a homage to the creative imagination of William, Caroline  and all astronomers past and present.

Herschel’s Dream is 7ft. x 7ft. wide by 5ft. tall. The base is metal fabrication and the planets are polystyrene and acrylic medium. The planets rotate at 1 and 2 rpm. casting a moving shadow approximately 30 wide and 15ft. tall.